Golf Swing Tips For Newbies

There are many golf instructors claiming their golf swing tips to be the best.You can read their ads in papers, magazines and online classified sites. But whether they are really as good as they claimed to be is what you will only find out when you signed up for their courses and undergoing the training in the golf course.

So before you start investing in any course, here are some factors you need to take into consideration.

Knowing What Works And What Does Not

This is the most important factor to consider especially for newbies.

Although the best way to excel in golf is through daily and continuous training, you need to find what works and what does not. There are many systems out there and each golf instructor has his or her own teaching method. Just because his or her teaching method works for some beginners does not mean it will work for you.

Irregardless of what we learn be it golf or other things, we all have different learning speed and capability. So it is impossible to impose one technique and enforce everyone to do the same. While some may benefit, others may not.

The best instructor is one who knows what works and what does not work for you and implement a system based on your level of understanding. Although there are many instructors out there, such instructors are quite rare. But if you manage to find one, learn and apply everything you are taught instead of taking it for granted.

Differentiating A Good Advice From Bad

From time to time, we all received advice. Not just from instructors but from our fellow trainees and even loved ones around us.

The best advice is still from instructor. If the instructor has been experienced in golf, you can easily tell when he talks and the way he demonstrate how to execute a proper golf swing.

Initially it may not go down well with you or any beginner. Especially when the instructor points out your mistakes and shows you the correct way. We can either let our pride get in the way or we may take a longer time to adopt to the right way.

For instance if you are right-handed and your instructor thinks you will be better with your left hand, will you accept his or her advice despite knowing that it will take you some time to adjust or will you let your pride prevent you from doing so since you do not want to step out of your right-handed comfort zone?

If the advice is good and with the intention of grooming you to be better, it is best to follow.

Setting Tangible Goals

As with anything else, you need to set tangible goals if you want to succeed in your golf swings.

Goals such as setting your minimum striking distance, shot accurancy rate and speed are essential. If you do not understand what this means, you can clarify these with your instructor who will be happy to elaborate more.

Apart from your objectives, you need to be familiar with your goal equipment. So even before buying or getting the set, make sure you select tools such as golf club, shoes and clothing based on your height, weight and comfort level.

Occasionally, you will be required to practice in a crowded golf course. With many people around, you tend to get distracted and pressured easily from fulfilling your full potential.

So setting tangible goals from time to time is very important.

Being Fully Focused On The Game

Distractions are not always unavoidable. Especially in tournaments when everyone be it audience or media are watching you. They will give comments based on your past performances whether good or not or your personality if you are new.

The only person you should listen to under such circumstances is your instructor and no one else. Because only your instructor knows you best and how to bring the best out of you. So listen to him or her without letting anyone or anything else to cloud your mind.

Best of all, know what you are in the game to win so do what is required to enable to you to win.