Variations to your golf game

Getting bored of the same golf game you always play on a Sunday afternoon, I have detailed some different variations of the game, to spice and excite your golf game. Many of these games can be played in teams and pairs, so they are not as restrictive as a traditional game of golf.

Single stroke game This is one of the simplest variations of the game. In this game all the strokes have to be counted and the players can’t pick up their ball without having a penalty. The score is a tally having the handicaps deducted at the end. The lowest score wins.

Foursomes’ game This game is played in two pairs, with having only one ball in play. Each player takes their turn in having a shot after teeing off. The tee shots are taken alternately, so that one of the players from the pair tee off on all the even numbers and the other player tees off on all the odd numbers. The score is recorded by a tally, again with the handicaps deducted off the total. The handicaps of both players are added, and half that total is the team’s handicap.

Ambrose game Ambrose can be played in teams of 2, 3 or 4. A captain for each team is selected. The captain then decides the order of play. The players play a shot from their tee and go to where their ball landed. The captain then decides which ball is the best positioned, and then carries on play with that ball. The remaining players from the team retrieve their balls. The player whose ball was chosen has the first shot, then each of the other players drop their balls within 1 club length of the spot, and play their shot in order decided by the captain at the start of the game. Once on the green, the decision of which ball to play with, is decided and marked. Once the chosen ball has been played, the other players in the team must place their balls within a card length of the spot and has one putt each. Each ball position must be marked and procedure repeated until a ball is holed. The score is adding up with the lowest score winning. The handicaps from each team again have to be added up and halved, then deducted from the total.

Flag competition game A player depending on the total of their handicap and par for the course, is given a set number of shots to play. For example a player with a handicap of 14 would have 85 shots, if the par for the course is 71. You play every shot until your shots run out, whoever is furthest round the course wins. A flag is used as a marker to show the finishing point.