Golf Swing Tips For Newbies

There are many golf instructors claiming their golf swing tips to be the best.You can read their ads in papers, magazines and online classified sites. But whether they are really as good as they claimed to be is what you will only find out when you signed up for their courses and undergoing the training in the golf course.

So before you start investing in any course, here are some factors you need to take into consideration.

Knowing What Works And What Does Not

This is the most important factor to consider especially for newbies.

Although the best way to excel in golf is through daily and continuous training, you need to find what works and what does not. There are many systems out there and each golf instructor has his or her own teaching method. Just because his or her teaching method works for some beginners does not mean it will work for you.

Irregardless of what we learn be it golf or other things, we all have different learning speed and capability. So it is impossible to impose one technique and enforce everyone to do the same. While some may benefit, others may not.

The best instructor is one who knows what works and what does not work for you and implement a system based on your level of understanding. Although there are many instructors out there, such instructors are quite rare. But if you manage to find one, learn and apply everything you are taught instead of taking it for granted.

Differentiating A Good Advice From Bad

From time to time, we all received advice. Not just from instructors but from our fellow trainees and even loved ones around us.

The best advice is still from instructor. If the instructor has been experienced in golf, you can easily tell when he talks and the way he demonstrate how to execute a proper golf swing.

Initially it may not go down well with you or any beginner. Especially when the instructor points out your mistakes and shows you the correct way. We can either let our pride get in the way or we may take a longer time to adopt to the right way.

For instance if you are right-handed and your instructor thinks you will be better with your left hand, will you accept his or her advice despite knowing that it will take you some time to adjust or will you let your pride prevent you from doing so since you do not want to step out of your right-handed comfort zone?

If the advice is good and with the intention of grooming you to be better, it is best to follow.

Setting Tangible Goals

As with anything else, you need to set tangible goals if you want to succeed in your golf swings.

Goals such as setting your minimum striking distance, shot accurancy rate and speed are essential. If you do not understand what this means, you can clarify these with your instructor who will be happy to elaborate more.

Apart from your objectives, you need to be familiar with your goal equipment. So even before buying or getting the set, make sure you select tools such as golf club, shoes and clothing based on your height, weight and comfort level.

Occasionally, you will be required to practice in a crowded golf course. With many people around, you tend to get distracted and pressured easily from fulfilling your full potential.

So setting tangible goals from time to time is very important.

Being Fully Focused On The Game

Distractions are not always unavoidable. Especially in tournaments when everyone be it audience or media are watching you. They will give comments based on your past performances whether good or not or your personality if you are new.

The only person you should listen to under such circumstances is your instructor and no one else. Because only your instructor knows you best and how to bring the best out of you. So listen to him or her without letting anyone or anything else to cloud your mind.

Best of all, know what you are in the game to win so do what is required to enable to you to win.

Luxury yacht charter services Thailand

If you are looking for a new holiday experience then it is time to seriously consider a vacation in Thailand. Thailand vacations guarantee a completely different cultural experience. However, one of the biggest attractions of Thailand is its beaches and waterborne activities. One of the most amazing water related experiences is to take a yacht charter for a cruise. Yacht charter Thailand is the best way to get a good look at the amazingly beautiful coast line and islands. Yacht charter companies offer luxury yachts for rent. So what exactly is the advantage of choosing yachts charters? There are several reasons for it.

For one, you have complete control over the schedule and what you want to see. There will be no strict itinerary to follow when you go for a cruise on luxury yachts. When you take a yacht charter, you will also be able to entertain your friends with a party on board. It is an ideal way to mix sun with fun. What many people don’t realize is that Thailand boasts of nearly 3000 KM of coast line! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the amazing potential for yachts charters. Not only that, the coastline is dotted with many amazing islands such as Phuket islands, Similan Islands Koh Samui and Koh Chang, surrounded by turquoise blue waters! If you are into some deep sea cruising then the yacht can take you to the unique Andaman Islands, roughly 200 miles from the coast.

Once you reach these amazing destinations on a luxury yachts, there will be plenty of amazing water activities such as scuba diving, jet skiing, sail surfing, or just relaxing on the beach. Part of the reason why they are called luxury yachts is because they come with their own accessories such as speed boats, jet skis and scuba diving equipment. Yacht charter Thailand will come with a full complement of crew to make your stay as comfortable as possible while you are on board.

Talking about life on board a yacht charter Thailand, you can expect to find all the luxury and decadence that comes with this sort of experience. World class chefs on board will be serving you mouth watering dishes until you feel like exploding. The interiors of these luxury yachts are exactly that, luxurious. The designs would make even a five star hotel feel proud. And as the day comes to a close, and the sun starts setting it will be time to enjoy the onboard bars.

One of the biggest misconceptions that come with yachts charters is that it is only available for the rich and famous. This is simply not true. This may be true if you are thinking about hiring a mega yacht for a cruise. However, yachts come in different sizes and specifications. Smaller sized yachts, such as 20 to 30 meter category are actually quite affordable, especially if you book one as a group. Another factor which influences the price is the time spent on the yacht. Overnight yacht trips tend to be the most expensive proposition. Therefore, if you would like to hire a yacht, do it for just one day, from sun rise to sunset. For example, if you were to go for a cruise around the Similan Islands, you could still enjoy these beautiful, uninhabited islands for the day.

Caribbean Family Travel

One thing you can really say about the Caribbean is that it is a very popular destination for families. That’s because a Caribbean family travel usually means more fun and features in an all-inclusive resort. Family packages may typically offer the following:

• Beach and water sports
• Luxurious swimming pools and water slides
• Kid-friendly programs and family activities
• Meal-time convenience and drinks on tap
• Grown-up pampering like spas, dining, cocktail parties, etc.
• Baby-sitting and other services
• Great family rates

However, there are times when there’s just too many all-inclusive Caribbean family travel resorts out there that it’s difficult to choose just one. Given the dollar cost and emotional investment, the stakes are high. How do you know which one suits you and your family best?

All-Inclusive, All-Included

When you say all-inclusive, it’s natural to assume that the package includes everything. But remember that an all-inclusive Caribbean family travel includes almost but not quite everything. So you got all meals and snacks, drinks, kids’ programs, and certain water sports and other activities but not all of them.

Take note of the following:

• Non-motorized water sports are generally included, such as kayaks, wind surfing, aqua-trikes, etc. If you want the motorized ones, like jet skis and water skis, it may cost you.
• Gear for snorkeling is often free, but there may be a limit as to how long you can use them. And if you want to join a snorkeling boat trip on your Caribbean family travel, it may cost you extra.
• Scuba is generally extra.
• Spas are always extra, unless you got one of those special Caribbean family travel.
• Off-property outings are extra, though a shuttle bus to a nearby town may be free.
• Some non-all-inclusives offer plans that include meals and/or activities.

Kids’ Club

Every all-inclusive Caribbean family travel package offers this. Many are “friendly little clubs”, cute spots with one or two rooms with toys and TV and maybe video games for kids ages 4-12. A warm and friendly staff is always there to provide them with care.

But if you want your kids to enjoy the multi-program type, most all-inclusive resorts have this actually. Here, there are different places and programs for different ages. Some worthy names that offer this feature in their all-inclusive Caribbean family travel specials are Club Med in Punta Cana, Beaches resorts and Atlantis in the Bahamas.

Babies and Toddlers?

More and more Caribbean family travel resorts are now providing nurseries and infant care for guests traveling with their babies or toddlers. This is welcome break for you, moms, because even if you only leave your kid for a few hours in the nursery during nap time, that short amount of time can be invigorating and gives you a chance to enjoy your Caribbean family travel vacation yourself.

If you’re worried whether on-site doctors or nurses are available, try one of the bigger Caribbean family travel resorts. They’re your best bet. And lastly, as a miscellaneous tip, be sure to double check the site where you booked your Caribbean family travel to make sure that the baby-club will actually be up and running during your trip.

Tips for Riding in the French Alps

So you would like to experience riding in the mountains – maybe you have just watched the Tour de France and been amazed by the alpine scenery, or perhaps you have just always wanted to test yourself up Alpe D’Huez. The following tips will ensure that you can plan ahead to get the most out of your cycling holiday in the French Alps:


If you choose to base yourself in one location for the duration of your holiday, then you should try and achieve the following:

• A location in the valley, not up in the mountains – you don’t want to have to climb the same mountain at the end of every ride. Not only will you get fed up of it, it will limit the distance you can ride each day and therefore reduce the variety of routes you can choose.

• Somewhere with a range of different rides – preferably at the junction of a number of valleys (again, this will offer much more variety than being in one valley or up the end of a road in a ski resort).
Of course you could always opt for a point to point tour (which will offer variety and doesn’t matter if you stay at the top of a mountain assuming you are moving on the next day), however you get the drawbacks of a higher cost and the inconvenience of moving and living out of a suitcase every day. You are also tied to a fixed itinerary – no options for a day off to do another activity or recovery ride.


You are used to riding on relatively flat or rolling terrain, and know how many kilometres (or miles) you can handle in a day. But what about when you are riding in the mountains? A general rule of thumb for mountainous terrain is to assume that your average speed will drop by 50% (and therefore the distance you will be able to cycle in a given time will drop by 50% too). So if you normally average 30km/h, then expect something like 20km/h. So your 3 hour ride will only cover 60km, instead of 90km. So you should either plan on shorter distances or expect to spend more time in the saddle.

Weather / Clothing

You need to be prepared for a range of weather conditions in the mountains – just because it is sunny with no clouds when you set off, doesn’t mean it will stay like that! The weather can change from valley to valley as the mountains form natural barriers to clouds – you can have rain on one side of a mountain pass and be fine and sunny on the other. If you are taking a shorter trip within the same valley then it should be more predictable.
Another aspect to consider is altitude – there could be 15 deg.C difference between the valleys and the tops of the high mountain passes. You won’t notice it so much on the way up (as you are working hard and speeds are low) but on the way down it will be very obvious when you add on the wind chill factor. On all but the very hottest summer days you will need a windproof layer to be able to put on at the top of the climbs before you descend.


As the roads in the mountains often cut through long tunnels, you need to be prepared for this. Most are lit (although not all!), however don’t be surprised if you find sometimes substantial stretches where the lighting is out. The use of a rear light in tunnels is required by law in France, but you will also want one purely for your own safety. If you feel uncomfortable riding in conditions without much visibility, you may want to consider a front light too, but most people do not bother. When you do find yourself in an unlit section of tunnel it can be quite dis-orientating for the first time, especially if there is traffic as the echoes of the road noise are quite loud and make it difficult to judge distance. The best course of action is to concentrate on maintaining the same position on the road, looking at a spot 3 – 4 metres ahead of you and focussing on any white lines present. Do not look at the exit of the tunnel as this will be very bright – the same as looking at oncoming traffic headlights at night. Lastly, and most importantly – don’t forget to take your sunglasses off!

Bike – gearing

Unless you already live in some very hilly or mountainous terrain you will probably benefit in changing your gearing assuming you are taking your own bike. As you’ll be spending a significant amount of time going at speeds much slower than usual, you will need to have lower gears. Adding a large sprocket on the rear cassette with a few more teeth than you currently have will probably not be enough. If you currently run a standard set up (52/39 chainring) then think about moving to a compact. If you currently run a compact chainset, think about a triple. This will probably be best with a larger rear cassette too. If you dont really want the expense of making this change to your own bike then perhaps hiring is the best way to go.

Bike maintenance

As with any intense period of cycling, you want to make sure that your bike is in tip top condition before you start. Replace any worn tyres, and make sure everything is lubed up and rattle free. In addition to the usual things, you will also want to take a look at your brake blocks – replace any that are nearing the end of their life (or take spares) – you will likely be using them a lot more than usual when descending. If you have changed your gearing, ensure that you have been out for a few test rides before going away to familiarise yourself with the new ratios and to check that everything is working as it should.

Groups And Families Choose Grand Canyon 1-Day River Rafting Trips

The Grand Canyon rafting tours provide some much needed relaxation to people of all ages. The water will be smooth and there will be no rapids because this one day Grand Canyon rafting adventure is meant for relaxation. Seeing the canyon from its floor appeals to many people, but not everybody’s up to the rigors of white-water rafting or difficult hikes. These float tours give people the chance to see the canyon from a new point of view and not have to be physically strained to do it.

Smooth-water rafting tours offer several advantages that white-water rafting does not. People from four years old and older can all participate in this event and that is one perk that is not true for everything. You can enjoy a float tour no matter what shape your body is in. This outing also allows you to really soak in the sights instead of being concerned about being swallowed by a rapid that is so dangerous.

A large number of participants get to the launch point for their rafting tour by taking a bus from the South Rim area of the canyon to Page, Arizona which is about three hours away. The bus tour takes them on a trip through the Navajo Indian Reservation on the way there.

The rafting tour begins at Glen Canyon Dam and continues on down the Colorado for over fifteen miles. Stops along the way include lunch on a beach and a walk led by expert guides to see ancient Native American drawings on the canyon wall. On their way back to the South Rim, tour participants see the Painted Desert, Lee’s Ferry and Horseshoe Bend. The stop at the souvenir shot at Cameron Trading Post is perfect for those that love to gather unique souvenirs.

Other people that have signed up for the float tour will take an airplane to Page, Arizona and be taken right from the South Rim and hotel areas to their launching point. The views from the air as the plane makes the trip over the eastern rim of the canyon are breathtaking.

After leaving the plane, the next part of the journey will be taken in a 4X4 Jeep as they look at the amazing formations that were created by the wind and the water. The fifteen and a half mile trip down the Colorado will begin as soon as they are finished with this part of their journey. During their trip they will stop to have lunch and then to see some old Native American drawings that are on the rocks.

Be sure that you have plenty of sunscreen and a hat when you take on the one day Grand Canyon rafting trip. It is best to wear your life preserver the entire time because even the best swimmers can find themselves in a situation that can end poorly. If you want to swim in the Colorado during the lunch break, wear your swimsuit under your regular clothing. The price of float tours includes lunch and drinks, but you can bring your own if you want ? just make sure it in a waterproof container.

Not everyone gets the chance to see the stunning views that are found in this National Park. There are some that get to the rim of the canyon but do not have the chance to go further. They are not able to experience the beauty of the canyon from up close. No matter the age, everyone should get to take a one day Grand Canyon rafting excursion. The views that you see from the bottom of the canyon are views that will be burnt into your memory for life.